Acer Launched Two New 12-inch Educational Devices with Exciting Features

Acer Launched Two New 12-inch Educational Devices with Exciting Features


Today, Acer launched two 12-inch Chromebook devices at the annual Belt Conference for educators. The two educational Chromebooks are – the Chromebook 512 and Chromebook Spin 512. Firstly, the Chromebook 512, the device consists of a 12-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1,366 × 912. It also contains a 180-degree hinge that allows a user to lay the Chromebook 512 flat on a surface. The display can either be touch or non-touch. Both feature a 3:2 aspect ratio screens. According to the company, it is a perfect ratio that lies between books and mobile media.

Chromebook 512 has an initial price of $329.99 and comprises of a dual-core Celeron N4000 chip. On the other hand, the Chromebook Spin 512, starts at $449.99 and features a more powerful quad-core Intel Premium Silver N5000 or Celeron N4100 processor. The Chromebook Spin 512 facilitates user to fold the device completely, as it has a 360-degree hinge. It also contains two cameras, an 8MP back-facing webcam on the outer side, and an HD webcam above the screen. However, the Chromebook 512 has an optional 5MP webcam. The Chromebook 512 features a Wacom EMR stylus that can be stored in an internal slot.

The Chromebook 512 comes with either 4GB or 8GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 32GB or 64 GB respectively. The company promises a battery life up to 12 hours of use. Both devices mainly differ with two features, Wacom EMR stylus and the 360-degree hinge. Teachers can use the devices in classrooms. The Chromebooks meet the standards of military-grade integrity. The devices are break resistant from a height of up to 48 inches. The Chromebook Spin 512 features the Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass display. The 512 has mechanically anchored keys that are hard to remove. Along with Acer’s two new devices, Google announced that Chromebook usage in classrooms was up to 5%. The value strikes 30 million devices across the world. According to the company, 40 million people are using Google Classroom and assists teachers and teachers in the learning process.

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