Researchers Found Teeth of New shark Species in South Dakota

Researchers Found Teeth of New Shark Species in South Dakota


A new Species of freshwater shark that survived about 67 million years ago has been recognized from fossilized teeth. The ancient species measures up to 0.6 meters long. The shark has been named as Galagadon nordquistae as its teeth seem like the mini spaceships in the game Galaga. The newly-discovered shark species lived in fresh waters of Cretaceous rovers, i.e., South Dakota. The shark was small as compared to modern sharks. Additionally, it had tiny teeth as little as a grain of sand. Although, Galagadon lived together with T. rex and Triceratops about 67 million years ago. Scientists discovered the remnants of ancient shark in South Dakota alongside T. rex fossil sue.

The research was published on Monday in the Journal of Paleontology. Terry Gates, paper’s lead author, says this shark had teeth helpful for catching small fish. The shark also fed on snails and crawdads and used teeth as a crusher. Dr. Terry said the more they discover about the cretaceous period, the more fabulous that world becomes. According to him, South Dakota comprised of forests, swamps and winding rivers in ancient times. Curator of dinosaurs at the Field Museum, Dr. Pete Makovicky, said the shark live alongside the T. Rex. Shark’s skeleton comprises cartilage thus difficult to preserve.

However, the researchers found it tiny teeth in fossilized form. Dr. Terry says every species in an ecosystem has its unique role and maintains balance in nature. Researchers recently examined two tons of rock left over after the fossilized bones. According to the experts, Galagadon is a close relative of carpet sharks present in Indo-Pacific seas today. However, Dr. Pete says the teeth have a strange shape with three irregular points and a wide apron at the root. They found more than two dozen teeth of the ancient shark. As the teeth are tiny in size, they can be seen under the microscope only.

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