Apple Next-Generation Health Monitoring AirPods May Arrive in the First Half of 2019

Apple Next-Generation Health Monitoring AirPods May Arrive in the First Half of 2019


A new version of Apple Air pods seems to arrive in the market shortly. A new report asserts that Apple will unroll the AirPods 2 in the first half of 2019. As the AirPods are one of the successful products of the company, so it’s sure that users will receive an upgraded version. Rumors signify that the new upgraded product will come soon. The new AirPods will show off a new design and will also include health monitoring functionality. Apple’s AirPod 2 is theorized to have biometric sensors in it. Those sensors will allow the buds to perform two functionalities. Thus, the buds will act as a fitness tracker also.

According to a patent filed in July, the buds will be capable of measuring stroke volume, which will allow it to calculate a user’s cardiac rhythm. The feature is similar to the functionality available in the watch series of the company. All in all, AirPods 2 will deploy a unique design. It will carry health monitoring features and improved assistance of Siri. According to DigiTimes, a small accelerometer could probably evaluate boy movement. DigiTimes highlights the rigid-flex PCB’s used in the earbuds. Bloomberg reported about the high-tech AirPods that could unroll in 2019.

The new version of AirPods will have a wholly new and pretty design. As per the company’s patent, the AirPods will have wellness sensors to transfer data such as heart rate, or calories burnt. The upgraded earbuds will reportedly arrive with some exciting feature for mobile gaming. There is a change in the case of the AirPods. Apple also said that the company is working on the next-generation AirPods. It could release the third-generation AirPod with a new design and enhanced water resistance in 2020. The water-resistant feature will allow the earbuds to hold up to splashes of water and rain.

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