Android Q Might Have Alternative Feature to Apple's FaceID

Android Q Might Have Alternative Feature to Apple’s FaceID


Android Q is coming, and someone on the internet has leaked the latest build. Many of the enthusiasts are using their Pixel series smartphones to install the Leaked Build of Android Q and analyzing the features. Recently the developers from the XDADevelopers forum found out the code, which provides hardware support for face recognition. The Face Recognition was long due in the Android ecosystem as there is no native support to the hardware-based in Vanilla Android. Although many of the devices manufacturers added the same by modifying the code, the feature was awaited in the native Android builds.

The New facial recognition feature support will use the hardware and will be more secure than the essential detection. Currently, the primary face detection in Android is very insecure and can be fooled with a simple photo. Apple’s FaceID recognition is way better in many terms as it is more secure and accurate. The feature is in parallel with Apple’s FaceID. With this feature, the device manufacturers will no more have to modify the OS and introduce the feature.

There are no expectations from Google to introduce this feature in the early leaked build of the Android Q. But, with this addition, there are high chances that the smartphones with the facial recognition may enter. Also, the Google Pixel Devices might receive the native face recognition update with the Android Q. The addition of Face Recognition support in Android Q will encourage the smartphone makers to introduce the supported hardware and make the ecosystem more secure. The code was found in the early build, and it was an essential feature. But if this feature makes it to the public build, then we are going to have a secure smartphone with Android OS and stiff competition to Apple’s FaceID feature.

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