Life Saving Warning Signs Shared By A Heart Attack Survivor

Life Saving Warning Signs Shared By A Heart Attack Survivor


Nearly 80 % of cardiac events can be prevented in advance with help of lifestyle changes and right education. When it comes to women, cardiovascular diseases are one of the biggest threats to their health. In the US, heart diseases are the greatest killer of women.

Lynda Diederich, 51, who was healthy and active, never thought she would be close to a heart attack. Lynda travels frequently and is a mother of three. She works as a nurse consultant. She said that she used to face shortness in her breaths while walking through the airport. She thought she was tired or it was the time change or the difference in altitude as she was in Denver? She also had pain between her shoulders but she thought it was because of the heavy computer bag that she carried. In this way, Lynda gave justification for every symptom she had.

On 19 November, when Lynda was in Chicago, she suddenly woke up at 3.30 am and searched about heart attacks in women online. Then she packed her bag and drove to the hospital, which is very risky. When all the tests were done, her electrocardiogram and blood work was all normal. Lynda then asked the cardiologist to perform medical imaging technique called the angiogram. These tests showed that there was about 98% blockage in her left anterior descending artery, which is also known as the widow maker.

Lynda was completely shocked after these tests as she never expected this would happen. She said that she is a very active lady and is a healthy person. She realized that paying attention to the symptoms of the body is very necessary.

Lynda’s cardiologist, Dr. Thomas Wallhaus, who is a doctor at Unity Point Health Meriter said that smoking, diabetes, cholesterol and inactivity are the major reasons behind heart issues in women. A woman can die within one year after having a heart attack. So, pains and pressures in the chest, nausea, short breaths, etc. symptoms should not be taken lightly.

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