USPS Might Resume Its Services On Friday


Currently, US is facing lots of issues, and one of them is lousy weather condition because from last few days due to cold weather many people are not able to get out of their homes and do the necessary works. Due to such bad cold weather condition, USPS a few days ago said that company might not be able to give its services of delivery, and since last few days, it was delivery any types of letters. United States Postal Services is one of the largest public company which is used by millions of people on a daily basis. Since company has stopped its operations, many people and especially small business owners are getting hit because of it. However, USPS has recently said that they might resume their services from Friday and will start operating in some regions only. In a press release company noted that it might begin to provide services in greater Michigan district and due to bad weather it will be operating in just a few selected areas.

USPS has always been a backbone of letter delivery in a country because there are many small businesses and ordinary people who still use traditional way of communication and company provides necessary services without any delay. Company’s officials said that they always try to tell people to clear the roads and paths so that their letter carriers will be able to provide useful services. Despite being that much important company, it’s going through some financial troubles due to which recently USPS raised prices of its facilities by ten percent.

If you’re living in that area where it’s freezing, then there’s s chance that you might not be able to use service of USPS, but still one needs to be a little bit patient because soon company will resume its facilities nationwide.

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