Curiosity Rover Discovered Gravity Transverse on Mars

Curiosity Rover Discovered Gravity Transverse on Mars


NASA’s Opportunity Rover is assumed dead from June 2018, but that is not the only on roaming the Martian surface. The Curiosity rover, which was traveling the mars from 2012 is making interesting discovering on the planet. Recently, Curiosity rover started it’s a journey towards the Mount Sharp. Before beginning the mission, it took the selfie, which is one of the best one from the curiosity. Curiosity rover has found Gravity Transverse on the red planet, which is an exciting discovery.

Rover has multiple sensors like the accelerometer, gyroscope, and others. These sensors do work precisely like the sensors in our smartphones, but they are used to understand the geology and also to navigate the rover on the Martian surface. According to the data sent by curiosity rovers, the scientists have found the difference between the gravity on the planet as it differed on the various parts of mars. As the rover is going further in the Mount sharp, the density of rocks and gravity is weakening a bit. Scientists used the accelerometer to gather data about gravity on the planet. Rover sent nearly 700 precise measurements and using those; John Hopkins Laboratory concluded that there is gravity dispersion on Mars.

Ashvin Vasavada, who is a project lead for the Curiosity mission said that there are a lot of questions that need an answer. But this research by the University of Maryland scientists is going to help NASA a lot to learn more about Mount Sharp. As the Curiosity started to roll further, gravity weakened a bit, and the solid structure is a bit soft, according to the data sent by curiosity. Curiosity rover has crossed the life expectancy by four years now and still working correctly on the alien planet.

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