The Deadly Zombie Deer Disease Is Spreading Across Country Rapidly

The Deadly Zombie Deer Disease Is Spreading Across Country Rapidly


There are diseases which one can’t imagine would exist in this world and one of them ‘zombie deer disease’ which is also known as a chronic wasting disease(CWC). It’s an illness which is getting found in deer from the last few months. In this illness, a bacteria attacks deer’s spinal cord, brain and other major parts of their body. It’s been observed that most of the deer’s start to lose their weight and gets aggressive but eventually die because of this severe disease. Many health experts are studying the cause of this disease, but so far no major thing has been discovered by them. However, CDC recently released its report regarding this issue and said that so far it has been spread in more than 24 states. Health officials had already given a warning about this disease when they found similar cases a few years ago.

Now some people are in a dilemma whether such disease can get spread into humans also. According to historical reports, this disease was first found nearly forty years ago, but since then it had been slowed down. CDC says this disease is getting spread mostly in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, however from last few years this disease is spreading in Midwest, Southwest also. Health experts think once an area gets affected with CWC it will infect all the surrounding animals of that area also and that’s why experts believe this problem is more severe than they anticipated. Chronic wasting disease is affecting all type of animals due to which local farmers are getting worried about their livestock. However, one of the shocking things about this disease that its symptoms will start to come out after years of infection.

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