Fitbit Launched a Fitness Tracker for Employees

Fitbit Launched a Fitness Tracker for Employees


The companies who are willing to keep their employees active and fit while they are on the job, this Inspire fitness tracker will help the companies to track their employee’s physical activities. The Inspire Fitness band comes with the GPS tracker, Heart Rate monitor and Phone alerts to know the achievements and other details. Fitbit didn’t share any information on this device. The price should change with the bulk orders.

Fitbit is currently in the profit phase as the sales of their recent Fitness smartwatch Versa was a success. Now, they are facing competition from tons of companies, mainly Apple as the people prefer Apple Watch over any other fitness smartwatch due to the bundle of features. Fitbit Chief James Park said that the simple fitness tracker like Inspire with minimal features would help the users to track their fitness activities and stay fit. It is entirely reasonable because the fitness smartwatches and bands are bundled with the features that are quite useless for average users. The Inspire Smartwatch fitness tracker will benefit the companies who want to keep their employees fit and don’t want to spend a lot of money to maintain their health.

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