Ubisoft and Mozilla Working together to Developer AI Coding Assistant Named Clever-Commit

Ubisoft and Mozilla Working together to Developer AI Coding Assistant Named Clever-Commit


Gaming giant Ubisoft and Mozilla are working together to develop an Artificial Intelligent Coding assistant named Clever-Commit. The A.I. assistant Clever-Commit was announced by Ubisoft CEO  La Forge Yves Jacquier in the DICE Summit 2019 today. The companies will develop an intelligent bot to help people in coding. The AI bot will suggest the coders and programmers that code change will result in a bug or not. The assistant studies the past bugs, codes, and fixes to predict the result which is going to be very useful for the programmers.

Ubisoft said that the prototype of the clever-commit named Commit-assistant already helped the Ubisoft to correct the codes in some of the Major AAA titles from the gaming studio. The commit-assistant is already helping the company is producing their upcoming game titles and providing valuable inputs. The company is working to integrate the A.I. coding assistant with other brands. With the recent contributions with Mozilla, Ubisoft is aiming to increase the performance and coverage of the A.I coding assistant. With the help of Mozilla, the Clever-Commit will learn a lot more programming languages and can suggest bug fixes and code suggestions to the programmers.

Mathieu Nayrolles, the technical architect at Ubisoft Montreal, said that the Clever-commit would provide the speed in delivering the game updates to the players. Mozilla will help the Ubisoft to provide support for C++, Rust, and Javascript programming languages. The assistant will also help Mozilla to create better internet browsers without any bugs. Sylvestre Ledru, a lead of Firefox release and Quality improvement said that fixing bugs is a time-consuming process and with the help of this assistant, it will speed up the process. As fixing bugs in the browsers and AAA games is resource intensive, the companies will find it useful to fix the bugs without spending much more resources.

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