Google Might Reveal its Gaming Console in Google Developers Conference 2019


Google is planning its annual Google Developers Conference in San Francisco for this year, and we have some exciting news about the revelations the company is going to announce. According to the multiple sources, Google is ready to show off its new online gaming streaming platform for gamers. The project was revealed by leakers last month, but little information was available about the project. The project was named as Project Stream by Google. The Project Stream is the hardware component that could take the streaming of the games to a whole new level.

The Project Stream hardware component combined with the 25MBPS internet will help you play any game seamlessly on the cloud. The users can play the games on PC, Linux, Mac and all other platforms without any issues. The hardware component eliminates the need for ultra-high speed internet connectivity and reduces the latency. The project is available for the Chrome OS users as they can use the Chrome browser to play games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The rumors indicated that the Project Stream was just the chromeCast for gamers, but it might be some gaming console from the company that could run the games and stream simultaneously.

The Project Stream as Media calls it has the codename “Yeti” from Google staff. The same concept was followed by companies like NVIDIA and Microsoft, but none of them are out of Beta mode. If Google comes with a viable solution for the games which are unable to play high-end games on their computers, then this could be ground-breaking in the industry. The Google Developer Conference is Slated on 18th of March, and official Keynote from the company is expected on 19th of March. We have to wait till 19th March keynote to get more information about the Project Stream.

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