Intel 5G Modems

Intel’s 5G Modems will Debut No Earlier than 2020


Intel is manufacturing the 5G modems, but their debut is long pending. Intel is way too behind the Qualcomm as the Company has already released two 5G modems and become the first one to release 5G modems. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G became the first device to boast the Qualcomm 5G chip inside. As Apple modems are being used in the new generation iPhone devices, we won’t be able to see the latest iPhone with 5G network support until 2020. Intel said that they are not yet ready to release the 5G chips in the market, limiting Apple to stick to 4G LTE Network.

Apple is in talks with Samsung and MediaTek to use its 5G modems in the upcoming iPhone devices. Apple cannot use the 5G modems from Qualcomm as they are in the trade disputes with the company. If the talks with Samsung and MediaTek fall of the ground, we might have to wait for 5G enabled smartphones from Apple. Sandra Riviera, who works as chief for Intel’s Network Chips Business said that the company would start sending Sample 5G chips to their customers, but they won’t be shipping the same this year. She said that the chips would take one more year to debut in the market.

A few days ago, reports came stating that Apple is shifting its focus from Intel Chips to their proprietary chips. The company has moved the engineering staff into the facility that is meant to manufacture custom 5G chips. Currently, Apple is the only customer of Intel’s Networking Chip Business. If Apple leaves Intel by building their proprietary 5G chips, then it would be disastrous for the business. If Apple moves the business, then Intel will have to combine their Modem and Processor in one chip to get an advantage over others in the market.

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